Taking Action Before the November Elections.

We are trying to do our part leading up to the midterm elections. RC’s Victoria Alexander spent part of her weekend writing postcards to democrats in Texas encouraging them to get out and vote in one of the most important midterms of our time. Focusing on states across the US, rather than our bright blue state of New York, is important. Pick your state and do what you can! Here is one idea. Indivisible Austin needs postcard stamps. Click here to donate!

Another small and personal yet vital action you can take is spreading the word to friends and family in other states. Write an email to everyone you know in red or swing states to remind them to register. Perhaps you can even put some fire in them to go canvasing. If you can take some time to travel to a nearby state and canvas yourself that would be ideal. Understandably many don’t have time to do this. but you can still do your part over the phone. Indivisible hosts phone banks every day. Sign up here! Also find a postcard writing event near you here!

We only have a couple more weeks. Get out there and take action!



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