RHI Project: Red Hook Farms

Many who are unfamiliar with Red Hook may be amazed to learn that we have our very own farm. Yup, we grow organic vegetable is the Hook! We are pleased to announce that local organization, Red Hook Initiative is expanding and taking on Red Hook Farms as their project. Read below for more info! And to donate to RHI click here.

Brooklyn’s largest urban farm, located in Red Hook, Brooklyn, is now a project of Red Hook Initiative (RHI). For the last sixteen years, Added Value has operated two farms in Red Hook, grown hundreds of tons of organic produce and provided a homegrown classroom to educate thousands of youth. Red Hook Farms is vital to our bounty of community resources.

Why is RHI expanding to include urban farming? RHI is bringing farming into its portfolio to hone a model for urban gardening, youth empowerment and sustainable, community-led food production. 

Moving forward as Red Hook Farms, we will:

  • Offer meaningful jobs for Red Hook youth;
  • Create leadership and educational opportunities;
  • Provide a safe space to gather, learn and grow; and
  • Increase access to locally grown organic produce.

RHI invites you to dig into Red Hook with us – volunteer, support and share this news with your friends and neighbors.

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