A Sunny Weekend Ahead!

It’s the second week of April and we have been checking our 5 day forecast everyday waiting for a spring-like day and we finally see something happening on the horizon! The weekend is looking like it will get into the mid 60s. We know that these predictions can change but after walking around in 40 degree weather the last few days we prefer to thin optimistically and plan for a gorgeous couple of days! Below are a few ideas for a lovely spring day.

Brooklyn Botanic Garden– The spring flowers are blooming and some flowering trees too! We’ve been keeping out eye on the cherry blossom map and, though most are still in pre-bloom, some flowers have opened up. Maybe some more will blossom by the weekend! Keep checking the map. Also, a reminder that Fridays’ before noon are free.

Picnic in Prospect– The first picnic of the season may be approaching! There are plenty of spots to choose from. Near the Picnic House and Long Meadow are most popular but the Nethermead and Penninsula on the south are also nice spots and usually less crowded.

Wave Hill– This day trip to the Bronx is one of our favorites. This place is a gorgeous and peaceful retreat from the city.


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