Seeds From Italy Delivered to your Door by Gino DiMeo

I’ve been using Seeds from Italy for more than 12 years in my garden. They have a huge variety and 70% of the seeds come from Italian farmers. Another aspect I love about this online company is that you get large packages of seeds instead of these small bags you see here. The prices are good and the website has anything you can think of.

Some of my annual purchases are hot peppers, which I dry and crush at the end of the year, tomatoes, basil. parsley, and arugula. Their arugula is the best I’ve ever had! The perfect time to start planting arugula in New York is right now, since it does better in cooler temperatures, and then again in September. Other plants, tomatoes for example, like warmer weather and should be planted no earlier than May. Either way, now is the time to start ordering seeds. Basil, another sun loving plant, grows like crazy so a good tip for using it all is making pesto and freezing it into ice cubes.

Right now I’m contemplating what I might order because I do like to add something new every year. Maybe eggplant and melon this year? If you are lucky enough to have some nice outdoor space where you can grow, check out the Seeds from Italy’s catalog here.

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