Summer Solstice Party at Pioneer Works

We know the summer months are busy ones filled with events and happenings all over the city so we wanted to share this fundraising event early so you can all mark your calendars. Pioneer Works is a Red Hook community organization that opens it’s doors to the public to share the vision of it’s founder, “artist Dustin Yellin, as a place in which artists, scientists, and thinkers from various backgrounds converge”. You can help this vision continue for years to come by becoming a member. Now is the perfect time because on Friday, June 21st,  they are hosting a Summer Solstice party for members with cooking by LEV and a performance by Yumi Kurosawa. You can view more about this on their website and reading below.

About Yumi Kurosawa

An award-winning Koto star, Yumi Kurosawa is one of today’s most exciting soloists on Japan’s national instrument. Her solo repertoire includes classical Japanese compositions, as well as her own innovative and enchanting original works. Since relocating to the US from Japan, she has played on such stages as Carnegie Hall, the Kennedy Center, the Apollo Theater, National Gallery of Art, and the Blue Note. Kurosawa has been a principal soloist with the Tokyo Symphony Orchestra, the Hawaii Symphony Orchestra, the Orchestra of the Swan in the UK, and the Houston Grand Opera. She has two solo albums out to date: 2015’s Looking up at the Sky and 2009’s Beginning of a Journey.

About LEV

Growing up in Galilee and Jerusalem respectively, Loren and Daniel have long been inspired by Israel’s melting pot of culinary backgrounds and the rich mix of culinary immigrant traditions. In this sense, food has always been imbued with a deeper sense of memory and emotion. Loren and Daniel prefer to cook in different locations, adapting the food to fit the setting. Whether that’s outside in a field, in a reclaimed warehouse, or the intimate setting of the home, guests receive genuine food to match a unique experience.

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