Spotlight on Brooklyn Strategist!

Though the new year, weather, and political climate have definitely contributed to a lot of folks feeling melancholy lately we’ve had our minds on another addition to this list of sadness.  The closing of so many great shops, restaurants and venues.  We blogged over the last couple of weeks about both Cake Shop and BookCourt shutting their doors just before 2017.  Two very hard blows.  So, we’ve decided to look on the bright side and spotlight independent shops that we consider to be gems of the neighborhood.  Brooklyn Strategist, a “community boardgame store & cafe with a huge library of games for sale and for walk-in play” in Carroll Gardens, fits that bill! We love this place!  In addition to everything listed above, they have after-school programs for kids ages 6 and up.  Joining a board game club is not only a bonding experience for the children involved, it also teaches them good sportsmanship and develops their ability to solve problems using different techniques.  Check out their weekend activities below and read more about their products and programs here.


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