Red Hook Benefit for Planned Parenthood by Maryam Daghmoumi

During the tumultuous political environment over the last 100 plus days, it’s been easy to feel defeated from time to time. It’s a scary feeling to wake up each morning, only to hear about yet another inalienable human right the higher-ups are trying to take away from us.  I take solace in knowing, however, that as many people as there are out there looking to take these rights away from us, there are thousands (if not millions) more that still have A LOT of fight left in them.  They refuse to take these impending changes lying down. Please join them in the fight, however you can.

Some of these people are the wonderful people at Hot Wood Arts in Red Hook, who have organized a Red Hook Benefit for Planned Parenthood on Saturday May 13th 2017. This is will be an evening filled with amazing music, art, games and drink, to raise funds for a non-profit organization that has provided reproductive healthcare to millions of people in the U.S.A and worldwide.  Details below!


A Red Hook warehouse party to benefit

Planned Parenthood

$25 adv. includes 2 free drinks!

Performances by:

-79.5 (Big Crown Records)



DJ sets by:

Edan (Disk Jokk)

Mick Collins (The Dirtbombs, The Gories)

Bob Bert (Sonic Youth, Pussy Galore)

Jo Murray (LES legend)


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