Gardening in Small Spaces by Jane Herro

Spring is in full swing and the gardens are waking up! It’s not too late to start your own – even if you’re lacking in outdoor space. There are plenty of options for those of you who want to flex their green thumb but may not have a backyard or rooftop to do so. I think plants are a big part in making a rental feel like home and I’ve listed a few tips below to get you started!
Stacking: Maximize your vertical space! Use a hanging shoe pocket storage to plant a variety of herbs. Basil, dill, mint and chives all are easy to grow both indoors and out.
Window Ledge: if all you have is a window ledge, fill a narrow planter with tough perennials and watch them come back every spring. Add some lattice and get a climbing plant.
Hanging: hanging plants are a great option to add some green indoors and there are plenty of options that don’t require much care – even in low light. Here are some low light options and some that
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