Participatory Budgeting kicking off tonight in Carroll Gardens.

We’ve blogged before about coming out to vote on participatory budgeting projects for our area but have never blogged about the idea phase. Basically before a project is even picked to vote on there are community meetings with input from the public about what needs improvement. Here’s a bit about it below from Brad Lander’s website. The meeting tonight is at the Carroll Gardens Library at 6:30pm. For more info about this process and the assemblies in other areas go to the link above.

Each year PBNYC kicks off with an idea collection phase. Come learn about PBNYC, find out how you can get involved in the process, and submit your idea for a project at one of our three neighborhood assemblies.

This year, two of our assemblies will feature discussions about specific neighborhood issues, like streets, parks, education, and the arts. These assemblies will be a good opportunity to converse with your neighbors about shared interests and generate ideas around each of these themes. But don’t worry—if you are new to the process or looking for a refresher, we will be sure to cover everything you need to know about PBNYC at all three assemblies.

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