Open House Season Tips for Buyers and Sellers

You may have noticed a lot more homes on the market and “open house” signs posted in front of buildings as we are officially in the spring home buying and selling season. Not only is the weather getting warmer, which brings in more traffic to an open house, but serious buyers with children often want to put an offer in before the summer and move in before the next school year begins. So whether you are setting up your home that’s for sale for people to view or you are visiting open houses this spring, we’ve got some tips for you.

Since we have experience both working at an open house and being the potential buyer, we had written a blog last June with both perspectives in mind. From dealing with a frenzied atmosphere to knowing what questions to ask, we’ve included well-rounded advice for issues that may come up. Here is another guide from the real estate section of US News which goes into open house etiquette for buyers.

Selling your home? Trust your seller’s agent to guide you in the staging process. Making a home feel welcoming and appeal to a broad audience of potential buyers is really an art form. See our home staging tips! Another great resource comes from Brick Underground, who wrote a great post about timing and advertising. Read that article here!

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