NYC’s Top Neighborhoods for Bikers by Jane Herro

I am a Red Hook resident and rely on my bike daily to get around. NYC’s bike infrastructure has improved by leaps and bounds since I moved to the city from Milwaukee seven years ago. The De Blasio administration and the city’s Department of Transportation are making strides in their “Vision Zero” initiative, adding miles to protected bike lanes, paths and greenways throughout the city.
Check out the list of the top 5 neighborhoods for cycling in the city here. Taken into consideration were areas that had easy access to major parks and greenways, a high density of bike paths, a high density of Citi Bike docks, fast and easy access to other neighborhoods and a high density of buildings and listings with bike storage. Now get out there and enjoy the best way to get around NYC!
I’ve got listings near the Brooklyn Greenway and Prospect Park. Check them out here!
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