New Pediatric Dentist on Court Street.

The space at 396 has undergone a major transformation recently and it’s a hard one to miss with the bright orange sign indicating that a new pediatric dentist has moved in.  The space had been a long-time card and gift shop as well as a sneaker and clothing boutique called Brooklynite.  With the large amount of families living in the Carroll Gardens area and more moving here everyday we suspect this place will be here for years to come.  We must also mention, to back up our prediction, that the dentist at Carroll Gardens Pediatric Dentistry, Dr. Wendy Xue, get wonderful reviews on yelp!

Though the office is only open four days a week for now, many will be happy to know that one of those days is Saturday from 10am-3pm.  To learn more about Dr. Wendy or to schedule and appointment you should check out their website here.

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