A Moving Company Welcomes Our Clients to the Hood.

Moving is not an easy process anywhere, but in New York it can be especially daunting.  A Brooklyn-based moving company called Movers, Not Shakers!, who we have recommended in the past, make the whole ordeal easier as well as eco-friendly.  The owners, Mark and Liz, recently reached out to  offer us a discount for all Realty Collective clients and we are happy to take them up on that.  From now on our clients will not only benefit from their excellent service if they choose to use them but they will also get a price reduction for working with RC! Here is more about Movers, Not Shakers! from their website:
We are the premier NYC green movers with trucks fueled by biodiesel. Our GothamBoxes™ are reusable plastic bins we drop off in advance of your move. No tape. No Cardboard. No assembly. No waste.–
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