A Mortgage Expert Explains Locking in an Interest Rate.

We’d like to share more expert advice from Mark Maimon of Freedom Mortgage. Our regular co-host during our Buying into Brooklyn, he always steers buyers in the right direction and this time he’s written a very informative blog about knowing when to lock in your interest rates. It can certainly be a bit confusing for many and Mark answers all the pertinent questions about this process.

Helping our clients secure the best possible rate for their loan is one of our team’s primary goals. Therefore, we wanted to share some insight about the intricacies of locking rates —how and when to lock, what happens if rates change during the process, etc. Knowing this information in advance can save your clients a lot of aggravation, time and money so take a moment to educate yourself on the topic. 

Read the full article on Locking in an Interest Rate. You can also view more of Mark’s very informative blogs about the home purchasing and selling process here!

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