Money Saving Tips on Lucky Penny Day!

Today is Lucky Penny Day, which is a perfect opportunity to talk about saving for a down payment and other important financial steps to take if you’d like to purchase a home. For advice on interests rates and other expertise in the area of mortgages, our friend Mark Maimon of Freedom Mortgage has posted several informative articles on LinkedIn for you to peruse. The first step, however, before considering how much you will need to borrow is figuring out how much you can put down. And in Brooklyn’s competitive market the answer is “the more the better”. We’ve previously posted tips on saving for a down payment and we’d like to add to that information by sharing this guide via Business Insider on where to put that money while you are saving. Do you invest in stocks and watch it grow or just put it in a savings account? The article will give you a better understanding of the smarter way to save for this particular purpose.

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