Is It Helpful To Renovate Before Selling An Apartment in Brooklyn?

Suppose you are considering selling your Brooklyn apartment in this never-changing competitive real estate market. In that case, you should renovate or freshen up the space. There are a few factors to think about for your apartment remodel. Keep reading to find out where to draw the line.

Is It Helpful To Renovate Before Selling An Apartment in Brooklyn?

There are many factors to consider when deciding to start renovating NYC apartments. First, think of the type of property, its condition, and what you are willing to spend. Renovating can get you a reasonable price and assist in selling quickly. 

It’s essential to make sure whatever you decide to change will resonate with buyers and all their different needs, wants, and expectations. You don’t want to under or over-renovate your space. Know your market because if it’s hot, you can get away with less effort, but putting in a little extra effort will help if it’s slow going. 

Appealing to a broader audience might help you put the list of things to renovate into perspective. Many buyers are looking for a space to call their own and even want a space they can create themselves. Keeping a renovation on the simpler side can be just what you need to get buyers to bite. 

Helpful Tip: Think of your timeline before starting a project. It may take time to get approval from your co-op board and permits from the city. If you are planning to sell and move within a month, more extensive projects like floor installation or adding a bedroom may be out of the question. Consider a bookshelf wall solution if you want to add another bedroom or create more privacy.

What Should I Renovate To Sell My Apartment?

First and foremost, when completing an apartment remodel, you should fix all major issues like a hole in the roof, a broken boiler, or cracks in the foundation. These three things are important for buyers to obtain a mortgage. In most cases, buyers will need a mortgage, and you don’t want to limit yourself to cash offers only unless that is something you are interested in. 

Starting in the kitchen or bathroom is always recommended because it gives you the most ROI. If you must pick one because of budget constraints, go with the kitchen. You want to think about how they look in pictures. If they are not attractive, most buyers will skip your listing, and you don’t have the option of not showing these important spaces. If you don’t include these in your pictures, it can be a huge red flag to buyers. 

At a minimum, you want to show a clean, open feel. This may mean swapping out old appliances, adding a fresh coat of paint, and seriously decluttering. Maybe add some overhead lighting. According to Beatriz Moitinho, a Real Estate Salesperson specializing in Luxury Real Estate and a Productivity Coach at Keller Williams New York City, Good light is the one thing every buyer cites they want in a home.

Also, having a home office space is a nice selling point for buyers since remote working has gained popularity. This is a simple task to add to your apartment remodel schedule. Seeing a space that can accommodate working from home is a nice bonus in terms of selling, even if the room is multipurpose

But before you make any decisions, be sure to speak with a Seller’s Agent to help you decide. Some remodels are not worth the money up front and might not really add value to the property more than to your own quality of life. Get in touch with one of our Seller’s Agents who have plenty of experience seeing remodels through and advising on what might be right for you!

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