GET A SPINE, Chuck Protest Tomorrow.

New Yorkers right now are feeling so many things!  Depressed, helpless, agitated, stressed, angry to name a few.  We can take all of these emotions and be pro-active with them.  We heard about a protest in Brooklyn tomorrow that some of you may be interested in.  Senator Schumer has disappointed many Brooklyn residents with his “yes” votes to some very awful Trump cabinet nominees.  Tomorrow people will protest in front of Schumer’s Park Slope apartment.  There have been many other protests at this spot lately but this one is on a Saturday so it should be a good turn out.  Families are welcome!

Come tell Chuck Schumer to stand up to Trump, Pence and Ryan’s extremist agenda. (Facebook makes us post an end-time so we are saying 2pm but in actuality who knows how long this could go? He clearly didn’t hear us the first time.)

Several weeks ago Rise and Resist did a protest in front of Chuck’s house, telling him to give “Not One Inch” to Trump. After the protest, Schumer said in response to the press, “Watch what we do.”

We were watching, and we saw him vote for torture supporter and Islamophobe Mike Pompeo as CIA head; for John Kelly, who lied about his past employment, as Homeland Security head; and for James Mattis to head the Defense Department. Meanwhile, his fellow New York Senator Kirsten Gillibrand has not voted for one of them. (Her only confirmation so far has been the comparatively benign Nikki Haley for U.S. Ambassador to the U.N.)

So we’re coming out to tell him to grow a spine and fight the rest of Trump’s nominees and his reactionary policies. And if he can’t get one of his own, we will tell him to borrow one from Gillibrand!

Join us, and if you can bring signs or props consistent with the theme: pictures of spines, cardboard cut-out spines, spines from plastic full-sized skeletons, or whatever you can think of! Families welcome.

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