Free Summer Concerts Ahead.

Celebrate Brooklyn, though we hate to admit it, is officially over. Saturday was the very last show at the Prospect Park Bandshell during this series and it almost feels like the end of summer. One way we cheered ourselves up in order to continue feeling these summer vibes was to look up free outdoor shows other than Celebrate Brooklyn that we can look forward to putting on our calendars.

New York City Parks has a plethora of concerts and musical events going on and you can see the full list through mid-September here! Jazz festivals, garden parties with live music, the Emerging Music Festival for up-and-coming bands as well as New York City Opera in Bryant Park are just a few examples. There is a huge variety!

Thrillest put out this list at the beginning of the summer sharing the most popular free concerts in New York. Between Summerstage and shows in Coney Island we still have some big ones coming up until the end of August. And let’s not forget Live at the Archway in Dumbo on Thursdays. There is plenty of fun to be had still this summer. Let’s get out there and enjoy every last second if it!

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