Free Small Business Tax Prep Workshops and More with Brooklyn Coop

We’d like to share some information with you all about Brooklyn Cooperative Federal Credit Union and it’s sister organization, Grow Brooklyn. Both are non-profits in Central Brooklyn focusing on “building and preserving wealth for low to moderate-income families all over Brooklyn”. With one the the biggest issues in the city and around our nation being income inequality, organizations like these are more important now than ever before. Aside from banking accounts, they offer free tax prep for both households and small businesses, estate counseling, housing counseling, as well as personal, business and home loans.

Brooklyn Coop also holds free events. See above and below for photos from their small business tax prep workshop and a recent town hall with their Brooklyn Coop members. Read more on their website and more about their tax prep services below.

Brooklyn Coop’s small business tax counselors are IRS-certified professional prepares who work to motivate self-employed individuals to (1) learn the discipline of tracking business income, a habit that will also help in future loan applications, (2) remain in compliance with tax obligations thereby reducing the risk that a future tax audit will open them up to substantial fines and penalties, and (3) access all tax benefits for which they are eligible

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