First-Time Home Seller Tips by Francesca Girardi

Congratulations on owning your first home! You were so excited and proud of this major accomplishment. However, the time has come and you are even more excited to sell and continue your journey forward. Find the top tips below to be prepared as a first-time seller before you put your home on the market

Do Your Homework

Find resources like this one to gain as much information as you can. However, nothing can compare to the perks of working with a real estate professional. Their expertise is invaluable when dealing with your largest asset. They will be able to manage your expectations and help you understand the costs; loan payoffs, taxes, association fees, etc. As well as handled the unexpected when it comes to showings.

Make a Plan

What is next for you? Ask yourself some of these questions sooner rather than later. Evaluating the choices you have available will help you avoid making any last minute decisions that you are not happy with fully.

  • Do you know where you are going when your home sells?
  • Have you taken some time to understand what your options are?
  • Will you need to rent until you can find something, or are there an abundance of choices for you to buy?
  • If you are considering new construction, what is the timing of homes for completion that fit your budget and criteria?

TO DIY or not to DIY

We can find a Do It Yourself tutorial for anything. But does that mean that you should really attempt something that you aren’t a professional in? This is your single largest investment be careful with it.

Lights, Camera, Action

The pictures matter. Keep in mind the first time most buyers will see your home will be online. In today’s market buyers can find out more than ever about a property without setting foot inside.

Remember It Isn’t Personal

The first home you bought is personal to you but buyers don’t have the same feelings and memories about the space as you do. You will receive an array of feedback from potential buyers with varying perspectives. Try not to take it personally. Everyone has their own idea of “home”.

Don’t be Greedy

Buyers and agents all have access to the same information with regard to comparable sales. Therefore, offers will come in with a range similar to each other.


If the offer is in the general ballpark but not exactly what you wanted to hear then take a moment to think and try to work with it. You do not want to scare away buyers because you were inflexible or wishy washy.

Repairs & Clean Up

Anything that came up in the negotiations towards closing cost will need to be addressed. So get ahead of it and do what needs to be done. Plan on having the home professionally cleaned upon move out.

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