Dining Al Fresco in Brooklyn

We have had some lovely evenings the last couple of nights and it reminds us to take advantage of enjoying the outdoors not just during the daytime hours but also after the sun goes down. One of our favorite summer activities is eating dinner or sitting with a cocktail outdoors. While there are dozens of bars and cafes with backyards and patios, here is a list of the best rooftop bars in Brooklyn so you can enjoy a view as well as the warm summer breeze while sipping on a glass of white wine.

While going to a restaurant with outdoor space is more convenient than packing up a picnic, there are a few idyllic sunset picnic spots that beat any rooftop view in town. The first is Valentino Pier. The gorgeous view of lady liberty and lack of crowds make this spot very tranquil. Pick up sandwiches at Court Street Grocers nearby to make this a delicious experience as well. But the ultimate spot for unbelievable views is hands down Brooklyn Bridge Park and in this expansive space there are definitely options to find your only little cozy nook away from the crowds. We suggest staying closer to Pier 6 for this.

Happy picnicing!

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