Celebrating Our 15th By Giving Back: Human Scale NYC

One of the reasons we work to defy the stereotypes associated with New York real estate is our firm belief that New York City is for everyone, which we think shouldn’t be a controversial stand to take. Unfortunately, as we’ve seen time and time again, big developers can dramatically change the physical and cultural landscape of a neighborhood. 

As the groups shares in its policy priorities document—available to everyone— its priorities are to “[S]eek a future where the build-out of New York City happens on a human-scale, driven by a true democratic process, with planning for generous parks, light, air, schools, libraries, historic districts, landmarks –all elements of a great public realm reflecting the life and aspirations of an open democracy, and with a strong anti-displacement policy.”

We couldn’t agree more. If you feel the same, please consider adding your name to their ongoing petition to be sent to the Mayor’s office. 

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