Can’t Make Rent in April? We Have Some Advice That Might Help.

Right now many of you are likely dealing with income or job loss due to COVID-19. We know the next few months are full of uncertainty. While we don’t have any easy answers, one thing we can offer is our expertise. If you can’t make rent (especially for April), we have some advice. 

As awkward or intimidating as it is, the time to let your landlord know you can’t make rent is now. Trust us, they’d much better hear bad news now than being ghosted or told about it on the first. To make a difficult conversation easier, we’ve drafted a sample letter you can personalize to send to your landlord. Please know this is only a resource, for legal advice, please contact an attorney.

In the letter, just as in our everyday practice, we suggest that if you can’t pay the full amount, make a good faith dent in it—we suggest half as a guideline—and then collaborate on a plan to pay the remainder in installments once your finances are once again in order. This way, your landlord knows you’re serious about making good on your debt, that he or she has a reliable renter (as opposed to an empty apartment), and a timeline for when this will be made right.

It’s not perfect but nothing is right now. This is a time for buckling down and making do with what you have. We can’t guarantee your landlord will understand that, but we do think this is the best step forward you can take right now. 


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