Brooklyn Day-tripper: Breakneck Ridge Trail

So far Fall has been unseasonably warm and last Saturday was no exception.  With temperatures in the upper 60’s, it was a great day to get outside and we decided to take the opportunity to go hiking up in the Hudson Valley.

The trail loop we picked was Breakneck Ridge and it is aptly named.  Though we never felt as if we were climbing dangerously close to the edges of cliffs or anything, it involved a steep rock scramble to the top.  That scramble up took a strenuous two hours and once at the viewpoint you can see across the river and below the ridge.  The view was a sea of red, yellow and orange leaves. There is also a wonderful view of the river and Banner man’s Castle. We definitely choose the best time to take this hike.  The way back down was not nearly as steep and took about another two hours. Overall, including the stops to take in the view, take photos and eat lunch, the trail took about 4 and a half hours from start to finish. It’s a difficult adventure but completely worth it. Check out the photos in our gallery to see the gorgeous fall foliage pics!


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