Another Chance – The Paul Robeson Theatre by Darlene Miller

I was so happy to learn recently that the Paul Robeson Theatre will hopefully be getting another chance to shine!  The 153 year old church-turned-theater nestled in the rich community of Fort Greene, Brooklyn has been approved by the Landmark Preservation Commission to be restored.

I have been asking myself why hasn’t anyone (or group) taken interest in the upkeep of this wonderful building.  I had to opportunity experience the majestic space while attending a few community meetings back in the 90’s and I wished I had taken photos of the  interior because it was simply splendid. The large glass pane windows, cathedral ceilings and expansive yet detailed architectural structure left me speechless.   I’m unsure if there is much that can truly be saved and/or restored but hoping it can be brought back to an semblance of what it looked like in it’s glory days. Mainly, though, I am very excited to know that the theater will continue to remain a part of the rich history of Fort Greene, Brooklyn.

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