Best Houseplants for Staging – Happy Houseplant Appreciation Day!

Like many of you, we’re big fans of plants (seriously, you should see our office). The trend caught on during quarantine when we all were trying out new hobbies, and it seems like this one is here to stay. And trust us, we’re not complaining. 

In honor of Houseplant day, we’re going to share the best houseplants for staging. It’s tried and true that having a healthy number of plants in any space gives an apartment life, especially in contrast to the cold and gray winter in NYC. But, since houseplants are so in, it can be tricky to know which ones to choose. Here’s a few of our favorites:

Fiddle Leaf Fig

Fiddle Leaf Figs are great, especially when you’re dealing with medium-to-high ceilings. With the rich, green color of the leaves, they can bring a burst of color into any corner space. If you’ve got that ceiling height, a fiddle leaf fig can elongate the space and actually make it look bigger.

Plus, they are relatively easy to take care of – if, of course, you’ve got a lot of indirect light. Artificial fiddle leaf figs will run you about $200-$500, whereas a live one will cost around $300.

Snake Plants

These guys are perfect if you’re dealing with a tighter space – something us New Yorkers are no stranger too. The length can, again, give the illusion that your apartment is bigger, and bring a bright, edgy look to your home. 

Plus, they act as natural air purifiers and thrive in harsh living conditions. If you’re not naturally a green thumb, this might be the plant for you & they’ll cost about $60.

Majesty Palms

These are the best plants for houseplant beginners, and is considered one of the best plants to use for staging because it can handle neglect. With long arching greens, majesty palms can give off real jungle vibes, in a trendy way. Plus, they bring just the right amount of color to the space. These will cost you between $250-$300.

The Ever-So-Trendy Succulents

Low-to-no maintenance and boho-modern chic, succulents are great for tiny areas that could use a little pop of color. Consider an aloe plant or a jade plant to add anywhere from your desk to a kitchen shelf. Most don’t need much light & only need watering one-to-two times a week. Most won’t cost you more than $5-$10 each.

If you’re thinking about selling your home, remember that staging is an important step in the process – and adding houseplants might give your home the edge in the marketplace it needs. Get in touch if you want some plant advice (we <3 plants) or if you want to discuss the home-selling process!

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