Unique Holiday Gift Ideas.

Whether you are trying to figure out what to buy a co-worker or close friend or what to bring to a White Elephant gift trade, we’ve got a few ideas that may help you out.

We recently went holiday shopping at the BUST craft fair in Williamsburg and one of the more popular stands was selling feminist T-shirts. Shirts and tanks for both women and men were flying off the table.  After this post election nightmare, now is a good time to wear your pro-female heart on your shirt. Check out their clothing here.

A couple of gift bag ideas we had for bringing to white elephant are cute little kits.  One is a cold and flu season bag.  You can fill this with yummy soup mix, nice tea, a ceramic netty pot, some slippers.  Be creative!  Another idea is a hot cocktail kit, such as a hot toddy.  Get a recipe and fill the bag with the ingredients.  An example of this would be the apple cider, mulling spices in a cute jar or mug, bourbon, a little jar of honey and a recipe card.  You’ve got yourself a Spiced Apple Bourbon Punch gift bag!

Another popular post-election gift idea is giving to a charity in a person’s name.  Some need our help now more than ever.  Here’s a guide for that. Not too much time left now .  If none of our ideas inspired you check out this Brooklyn makers gift guide, which is full of beautiful and delicious local goods and goodies!

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