Women-Owned Business Series: JenniLee Stylist

For our Women-Owned Spotlight Series, we’re proud to share JenniLee Stylist, a stylist specializing in entrepreneurial women. It’s not a secret that women have a harder time self-promoting than men, and JenniLee decided to use her expertise to help change that. Now, she worked with female leaders to get comfortable in front of a camera via their clothing, fostering empowerment & opportunities for visibility. Read on to learn more about her journey!

First, tell us about your business and anything special we should know about it or you.

Hi! I’m JenniLee a Fashion Stylist turned Personal Stylist and Image Coach for entrepreneurial women. When the pandemic hit I realized there was a huge need for women to get on screen to promote their businesses and were terribly fearful and uncomfortable getting in front of the camera. As a behind-the-sceens Fashion Stylist, even I was awkward on IG stories and reels. I teach women to use fashion and style to gain confidence, get visible, attract business, feel creative and love their bodies.

Why do you feel a connection to your work?

Because I love helping women feel good and powerful in their clothes, minds and bodies. I know that more women can be successful if they feel empowered and I want more women in leadership positions and making the big money that they deserve.

As a business owner, community is everything. In what ways do you serve your community and how has your community served you?

Sharing my clients successes and being on other badass women’s podcasts, talking about how clothes and style have impacted our lives. I created the What’s Your Badass Boss Style Quiz to share my styling advice, tips and inspirations with more women.

What advice would you give to young women who want to start a small business?

Find a mentor, and read and listen to as many business books and podcasts as you can. Also, don’t give up, it’s going to take longer than you expect.

What women inspire you and why?

The ambitious women in my ALIGN & SHINE program inspire me with their desire to grow, learn, and be creative.

What do you think are the most significant challenges for women business owners or women in leadership positions?

Imposter syndrome and equal pay and being taken seriously.

Click here to learn more about JenniLee Stylist & take her Style Quiz to learn about your personal style.

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