Women-Owned Business Series: Elizabeth Ehrhardt of Ehrhardt’s Tempest

Here is another post to add to our women-owned series! So many talented women have talked with us over the last year and we are so pleased to be able to support and promote all of the female makers, artists, and business owners in our area! Below you’ll see our interview with Elizabeth Ehrhardt of Ehrhardt’s Tempest!


First tell us about your business and anythings special we should know about it or you.

I decided to go to get my esthetics license because I had been working with essential oils for years and making products for clients. I began making facial serums for myself as I was trying to nourish my skin as age started to catch up to me . I knew what worked for me because I knew the oils but I realized I needed to dive deeper into understanding  other peoples skin conditions and how to develop formulations that would work for many different skin types and issues. Esthetics training was the obvious next step. I’m still trying to take as many advanced level classes as possible .  


Do you have any events coming up?.

Possibly – I’ve been thinking about doing a workshop on Guasha and face rollers . Both are tools I use in treatments and are incredibly valuable in home treatments too. They are stimulating and help products penetrate better as well as boosting circulation and lymph movement . Dates and times TBD

Tell us a little about your background and why you feel a connection to your field.

I’m a caretaker – I find gratitude in listening to people and seeing them . It’s a way of holding space for people to focus on the good inside. We are all beautiful and I think we tend to ignore some of our best qualities. Skin care is honoring our internal and external selves. I think of what I offer more of a ritual or maintenance .
We’d like to know about your experience within your community. Why did you choose the neighborhood that you did to open your business and how have you become involved within your community? Tell us about your partnership with cornerstone.
I’ve lived in Red Hook for 16 years. It’s definitely the place I chose to put roots down . I can’t think of anywhere better to live or work. Cornerstone was recommended to me via a neighbor friend who had great experiences with their practitioners . I was seeing Dr.Anne Mok for really painful sciatica and she’d have me leave feeling lighter and pain free after every session. I was hooked. Funnily I met Dr. Peggy R. Robinson in a ride share. We started chatting and hit it off instantly. Neighborly conversation and connections are so meaningful. Having a open heart and warm smile can change any direction.
What advice would you give to young women who want to open a small business and thrive?

Do what makes you happy. Take chances. Connect with people you never know what will be coming your way. I have an adult daughter just finishing college this year. When she began college I started school for esthetics.  I was in classes with students her age and it was such a wonderful environment. Follow your path it’s never to late to begin anything.
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