What Happens In a Co-Op Interview: One RC Client Story

Co-op interviews are one of the last of many steps towards securing your purchase in a co-op building. Living cooperatively can be a wonderful experience. Not only do you share in the building’s responsibilities with your neighbors, such as the opportunity to run and possibly sit on the board, you also share the property tax and other expenses, often making it much more affordable than condo living.

First you need to be approved! Recent Realty Collective client, Monte Givhan, was interviewed in this piece by Brick Underground about his experience buying a co-op in Jackson Heights. This in-depth interview about Monte’s experience may shed some light on the process for those of you expecting to be sitting in front of a co-op board one day. They all differ, for sure, but there are ways to help yourself feel prepared for anything that may come your way.  Another great article from Brick Underground, 11 Tough Co-Op Board Interview Questions (And How to Answer Them), will certainly get you ready for the most challenging of interviews but don’t let it scare you, most are  not so tough. Many are really just a meet and greet. You are essentially being interviewed by your potential neighbors so act neighborly!

Once you’re in check out our guide to getting involved within your co-op!

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