Women-Owned Business Series: Diana from Lifted Life Coaching

Our next woman-owned business feature is Diana from Lifted Life Coaching! As an Elevation Coach, Diana works with individuals in Brooklyn and beyond to help them elevate their life so they can reach their dreams. She talked to us about why she feels such a strong calling to her work, and how the pandemic made feel as if her offering was more important than ever. Read on about her & her business below!

Tell us about your business & why you started it

Lifted Life Coaching was born out of the need for connection and support within our community. My belief is that in order to fulfill our full potential, we must first fill ourselves up from within. After years working in New York City restaurants and hospitality, the personal connections being made at the tables became the center of my life. From there, I expanded. Paired with the shift in climate during the pandemic, I began to support strong and talented individuals one on one who needed help shaping their lives into what they’ve always wanted. At Lifted Life we use confidence to build a deep and true belief in yourself – because it only takes one step, to lift up your whole life!

Why do you feel a connection to your work?

A pillar I try to live by is ‘be the thing you wish you’d had.’ In my work I aim to help others feel less alone – something I wish I’d had while coming of age here in the city. At Lifted Life, we listen. In a city full of so much energy, and possibility, I offer up affordable guidance and a safe space to build confidence and make sense of stresses – which we need while we live in community in New York. This city is full of a unique energy, and sometimes that can be paralyzing rather than motivating. I myself have had to change and grow and shift completely from the inside out in order to live the life I’ve dreamed of – and now I am! I feely deeply passionate about making sure each of us is on our path to loving ourselves, and I know that honestly sharing what we’ve been through and learned from our own experiences is the way to help others!

As a business owner, community is everything. In what ways do you serve your community, and how has your community served you?

We set up our office in Williamsburg, Brooklyn and while that was a somewhat unusual choice for a We are nothing without our neighbors. After serving brooklyn hospitality for over ten years we give back at Lifted Life by offering discounted $50 sessions to anyone who is a brooklyn resident, or works in the service industry. Our local Bedstuy office is now open!

What advice would you give to young women who want to start a small business?

Of course, do your homework and be prepared, but go for it! When I was considering leaving a large, Be patient and kind to yourself as you grow. I think a lot of us today want instant results – but it truly is the long-term commitment you have to yourself and your business that will seep through one by one to each of your new clients. Offer up your services gratis in the community whenever you can and don’t despair when things take a bit of time to develop. Be your biggest fan! “There’s no need to rush, when nothing can stop you.”

What women inspires you and why?

Too many to name but I’ll go with the easy answer: my mother. She raised two daughters as a single Every female entrepreneur I see inspires me! The tenacity and strength we women carry, on our even our worst day, sets an example for those around you. I have been lucky enough to work and learn from strong women in this city like Amanda Cohen and Jody Williams, and though it’s not always easy steering your own ship the rewards are deeply personal and permanent, making it all worth it.

What do you think are the most significant challenges for women business owners or women in leadership positions?

The tides are shifting and swelling for women in business, but there are still challenges. Mainly, the need to defy expectations can be time consuming for women in leadership. It’s as if even when we have worked so hard and arrived, we still have so much to prove. I wish we could use our brilliant energy better and eliminate all that…

Please plug any promotions, events, or recent milestones you have!

Lots on the horizon! We are new homeowners in Bedstuy on Hancock Street. The neighborhood has been so warm and welcoming, and our Lifted Life offices are now open right off Malcom X. Currently, you can watch my short film about serving in the restaurant industry and join my mailing list at onthetablenyc.com, and look out for my debut book ‘If / When’ published by Kelsey Books this fall.

Click here if you’d like to learn more about Lifted Life & the new client special she has going on right now! Visit her in Bed-Stuy or connect with her via Instagram.

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