Winterizing Your House or Apartment.

Though the actual first day of winter is two weeks away, one wouldn’t know it was still technically fall with these consistently freezing temperatures. Now is a great time to start winterizing your home as it seems like it may be an especially cold season this year. You can keep your home warm during the cold months and save money on your heating bill by taking these steps to winterize your home.

  • Invest is some quality heavy curtains to keep the frigid drafts at bay.
  • Put your ceiling fan in reverse to recirculate warm air.
  • Change your furnace filters once a month
  • Insult your home by taking care of any drafts. Seal windows and doors with weather stripping or caulk. You can also insulate you hard wood floors by adding area rugs. Here is a how-to video that talks you through the process.

Here is an extensive guide via Park Slope Parents that is geared more towards winterizing in an Urban area. Stay warm everyone!

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