A Visit to Brooklyn Bridge Park’s Newest Pier 3 by Shyda Hoque

I still remember sitting on the Brooklyn Promenade 10 years ago looking at the abandoned piers and early stages of construction below wondering what the space would become.  I still can’t believe I have been able to live in Brooklyn for more than a decade and watch how the park has evolved into what it is today.

The last of the 5 Piers just opened on July 10th.  It definitely felt similar to the Great Lawn of Central Park and it’s a place to relax after enjoying recreational sports on Pier 5 and Pier 2.  There is an exploratory labyrinth meant for kids of all ages to enjoy! I passed by people jumping on the sound installation and immediately thought of Tom Hanks’ character in Big.  Seating is located throughout Pier 3 including: picnic tables, Adirondack chairs and benches. This is a great backyard for so many craving green space and water views. There were about 550 trees planted and Pier 3 is essentially a park within a park.  It’s an incredible space filled with something for everybody and I suggest you go there right now!

Whenever you are cursing the MTA and feeling like you have had enough. Just take a NYC Ferry to Pier 1 or Pier 6 and walk to Pier 3 and enjoy the space.  I would also think about getting a bike then!  For more details from the Brooklyn Bridge Park blog.

Here is the timeline of Brookyn Bridge Park:

2010: Pier 1, Pier 6
2011: Empire Fulton Ferry, Jane’s Carousel
2012: Pop-Up Pool, Pier 5, Picnic Peninsula
2013: Squibb Park & Bridge, Pier 4 Beach
2014: Pier 2
2015: Pier 6, John Street & redesigned Main Street
2017: Pier 5 Uplands
2018: Pier 3
Future Park: Pier 2 Uplands, Brooklyn Bridge Plaza, Squibb Park Pool

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