Upcoming Events at BAM by Sunny (Najeong) Moon

BAM, or Brooklyn Academy of Music, is a venue dedicated to many genres of performing arts located in Downtown Brooklyn and is well known for its cutting edge and avant-garde performances. With its first performance dating back to 1861, The space has undoubtedly become a favorite Brooklyn institution for performing arts. BAM, which serves more than 775,000 people annually, has been able to make its name as a pioneer in a modern art scene that focuses on both local and international arts presentations. Here are a few I’ve selected below that are coming up in March, April and May.
Cellular Songs is a combination of voice, movement, instrumentation and video installation in one performance. For theater-goers BAM will be presenting King Lear in April and in May the nation’s largest African dance and music festival, DanceAfrica 2018, will run for 4 days. No matter what your interest, BAM has something for you!
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