Underwater ROV demonstration at PortSide tomorrow!

We’ve gotten some thrilling information from a friend at PortSide New York about a special event happening tomorrow at their site, 190 Pioneer! This demo will feature an underwater ROV, which stands for remotely operated vehicle. So basically an underwater drone. Very cool! This is a perfect after school experience since it begins at 4pm and will be very educational and engaging for interested students. Come see this ROV in action while it explores whats beneath the waters along Red Hook!

Friday, 4/20/184-6pm demonstration of a Trident underwater ROV

Over the weekend, Samantha Wishnak, Digital Media Coordinator, Ocean Exploration Trust and Co-Host, Ocean Science Radio showed up at PortSide for the first time.

She also works with a OpenROV, a company that has an underwater research ROV.  She has an ROV with her and has offered to do a demo before she leaves Red Hook this weekend.

Thanks to her surprise visit, PortSide is assessing whether we get such an ROV for educational programs with people like you, and we would like to involve anyone who is interested in the demonstration.

The Trident underwater drone from OpenROV lets anyone explore underwater without getting wet. These small, portable underwater drones can be piloted with a tablet or smartphone and are used to explore and document coastal habitats, lakes, and waterways by researchers, citizen scientists and students around the world. Join Nautilus Live explorer and communications coordinator Samantha Wishnak and PortSide New York to explore the hull and dock near Mary Whalen–and drive the Trident drone yourself!  Feel free to tag OpenROV on Facebook, and Nautilus Live as well.

See some uses of the OpenROV at www.openexplorer.com

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