Brooklyn is Booming: Top Neighborhoods to Watch in 2022

If you currently live in Brooklyn —or if you’ve spent some time here in recent years— you know exactly why our housing market is hot. The residential feel, open streets, and incredible parks are just the beginning of what makes us special. Our iconic attractions, cute coffee shops and restaurants, and welcoming diversity are big factors, too.

And with the pandemic bringing more people to work-from-home roles, previous city-dwellers are realizing they can work from —and live— anywhere they want. So began the mass exodus from Manhattan to Brooklyn, bringing on higher demand and a more competitive housing market.

So, if you’re looking to get on top of the trend for purchasing your own BK home, here are the top Brooklyn neighborhoods to watch in 2022:

#1: Red Hook

Red Hook grabbed the #4 spot on NYC’s hottest places to live this year, and for good reason. 

Considered remote – or even referred to as its own little island – the demand for housing in Red Hook is the highest we’ve seen in a long time – which is driving the price for housing up, too. 

The neighborhood rests right on the water, giving residents beautiful waterfront views and wide open skies. Even cobblestone streets have been preserved, exuding a charm that attracts people from all over.

Some great Red Hook features include:

  • Easy transportation from F and G subways as well as the NYC ferry
  • Incredible waterfront sunsets at Louis Valentino Jr. Park
  • Old-school bars, restaurants, museums, and more

Not to mention founder Victoria put down her own roots here (so we admit, we’re a little biased) – plus the RC office is right on Van Brunt Street! She even spoke to Streeteasy about Red Hook & all of its history!

#2: Gowanus

Gowanus followed Red Hook on the list of NYC’s hottest spots to earn the #5 ranking. It’s a unique spot to live, thanks to its proximity to a toxic waste canal (currently being cleaned up by the Environmental Protection Agency). However, it’s recently become a hip spot to hunker down, with shops, restaurants, breweries, and bars.

Gowanus also includes:

  • Its own subway stop (R train’s Union Street)
  • A blue sky view thanks to shorter-than-average buildings
  • A community garden, public pool, axe throwing, and more to keep you occupied every day of the year

INSIDER TIP: Farah loves Gowanus Gardens – the staff is great & their menu is delicious!! Plus they have an outdoor space!

#3: Fort Greene

Fort Greene didn’t claim a top spot this year, but it did grow in popularity by an astounding 55% in the last year, and the rent is slowly rising, too. It provides easy access to Manhattan and a quieter, greener feel than the majority of NYC.

Some more great aspects of Fort Greene include:

  • Access from B, Q, C, and D trains
  • Films, theater, and more at Brooklyn Academy of Music
  • Historic row houses dating back to the mid-1800s

No matter where you choose to live in Brooklyn, we’re confident you’ll enjoy your surroundings. If you need help securing a spot in one of these top neighborhoods in 2022, get in touch with us today! We know Brooklyn like the back of our hands, and we’re more than confident in our ability to get you into the area of your dreams.

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