Budget Living for Renters in Brooklyn – Most Affordable Neighborhoods

Living in Brooklyn comes with plenty of incredible perks —spacious living, stunning views, family-friendly (or not) attractions, and more— but these tend to bring higher-than-average monthly rent. Luckily, our community still has a few affordable neighborhoods that are filled with the same feeling you’ve been searching for. 

Three of the best low-priced spots – Mapleton, Bath Beach, and Bensonhurst – are located south of Prospect Park, and have less of the hustle-bustle of popular places like Park Slope. One of the pros of a more remote neighborhood? Plenty of on-street parking.  Here’s a quick rundown below.

#1: Mapleton

Mapleton is by far the most affordable spot to live in Brooklyn, with the average rent for a one-bedroom apartment coming in around $1,600. This is thousands of dollars under our most expensive areas.

Some cool facts and features about Mapleton include:

  • Mapleton has a somewhat reclusive feel, giving you plenty of space to enjoy natural surroundings.
  • The N and F lines run through for convenient transportation.
  • Parking is easier to find than in other Brooklyn neighborhoods.

Find even more info on this cool community here.

#2: Bath Beach

Bath Beach is a close second in price with the average one-bedroom going for $1638. It’s located nearby Mapleton, just a little bit south.

Bath Beach is known for:

  • Restaurants, coffee shops, bars, parks, and walking trails.
  • Transportation on the D train.
  • Above-average public schools.

Dive into the Bath Beach details here.

#3: Bensonhurst

Bensonhurst rounds out Brooklyn’s three most affordable neighborhoods with an average one-bedroom rent of $1697, and it’s located right next to Bath Beach. 

Some great aspects of Bensonhurst living include:

  • N and F line access.
  • “Little Italy” nickname
  • A population of mainly young families and professionals.

You can learn more about this unique neighborhood here.

No matter which neighborhood you like best, you’re sure to find a good deal in these areas. At least for renters anyway. Buying a home in these neighborhoods can be just as pricey, though you’ll get more bang for your buck – and maybe even have a driveway!

But the most important thing is that you’re honest with yourself and your lifestyle. Are you okay living 45 minutes away from Manhattan or do you like easy access? Is having access to parking important to you or do you use public transportation more? No matter how up and coming (or affordable!) a neighborhood is, you won’t be happy if it’s not right for you.

If  you need someone to help you find the perfect spot, feel free to reach out at any time. Our team lives and breathes Brooklyn — there’s no one better to help you find the specific community aspects that you want and need.

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