Thanksgiving in Brooklyn Tips!

Wow! Thanksgiving is right around the corner!  Only one more week until we gather with friends and family and feast on comfort food while giving thanks for all we have and we definitely have a lot to be thankful for! We’ve put together a little guide for shopping for your dinner, whether you are cooking and hosting or visiting someone else’s home in Brooklyn.

Let’s talk turkey! You definitely need to order these in advance, although places like Fariway in Red Hook, should have plenty up until the big day.  Whole Foods has the option of ordering uncooked or pre-cooked turkeys and we must admit that the pre-cooked option is juicy, delicious and makes the day so much easier.  They have plenty of side dishes to go along with it too if you want to make the entire experience a breeze.  Here is a great guide for getting a local farm-raised turkey in the Park Slope area.
When it comes to planning side dishes our favorite option is inviting friends or family to makle one each and turning Thanksgiving into a potluck dinner. We know that some folks like to do it all themselves, though. Here are 99 side dish ideas for anyone who needs inspiration.
For anyone who is going to a dinner and either can’t cook or doesn’t need to the go to item to bring with you is a nice bottle of wine or champagne.  Click
here to browse the best wine shops in Brooklyn. Red Hook’s Dry Dock is on there!
Wherever you spend your day next Thursday we hope it’s filled with happiness and lots and lots of yummy food!
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