Sweeten is Your Free Renovation Matchmaker this Valentine’s Day ❤️

The process of renovating can be complicated and finding the perfect contractor and specialized professionals is important. We’ve been working with Sweeten, the New York renovation experts, for a while now and we always recommend them to clients. They joined us at our “Buying into Brooklyn” crash course for first time home buyers back in the fall and had a plethora of good advice to share with anyone thinking of purchasing a home that needs work before moving in. Sweeten is essentially a matchmaker for renovation professionals. First you go to their website and post your project, tell them what you want at what price, and they will send you a shortlist of contractors that match with you. You view their work, pick your favorites and interview for estimates before selecting.

Ready to get to work? Tell them RC sent you! Click here for Sweeten’s free services!

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