Is Sunset Park Brooklyn’s Next Hot Neighborhood? by David Anger

Just a short trip southwest from the skyrocketing rents of Park Slope, past the cemetery and Greenwood Heights, lies one of the most authentic and welcoming neighborhoods that Brooklyn has to offer. I’m talking about Sunset Park, of course. This beautiful neighborhood still features affordable rents and has been recently rejuvenated by new accessibility and development, while also maintaining the best qualities of its original character.
        This neighborhood features one of the last developable stretches of waterfront in Brooklyn, a beautiful park with some of the best views you’ll find anywhere, and buildings that rival the brownstones of Park Slope and Bed-Stuy. Where Industry City was once a one of the cities most dilapidated and crumbling industrial hubs, it has be reborn into a mecca of blossoming new business complete with food, bocce ball courts, and full of many local businesses. One can’t help make the comparison between the area below 3rd Ave and other old industrial neighborhoods such as Red Hook and East Williamsburg, currently two of the choicest neighborhoods around. The water taxi is now making a stop in this area at the army terminal, and there’s talk of a streetcar that will run all the way to Astoria along the water.
        Fourth Ave is a bit more laid back down in Sunset Park and it hasn’t yet become developed into the giant luxury condos that line it to it’s north. The R,N, and D trains make it seem much closer to north Brooklyn and Manhattan as well. Fifth Ave is a bustling thoroughfare full of many old a new businesses alike and features some of the best Spanish cuisine available. Check out Tacos El Bronco for some of the best and least expensive tacos around. Try the Enchilada, or any of the other ones on the menu, they’re all great. International Restaurant on 5th and 44th if you’re in the mood for authentic Dominican cuisine. Parkette is a relatively new cafe on 5th and 41st street that offers delicious coffee, baked goods and a relaxed vibe.
        If you have some time to kill stop by Melody Lanes, one of the cities oldest and most beloved bowling alleys sitting on 37th St just below 5th Ave. You might catch John Turturro here, practicing for a sequel to The Big Lebowski. If you venture up to 6th, 7th, and 8th Aves you can enjoy the serene residential portion of this area that features many old brownstones and other beautiful buildings, as well as the park that is the namesake of this neighborhood. Sunset Park provides breathtaking views of Manhattan, Jersey, and everything west of it. It’s also the second highest point in all of Brooklyn. This area is also know as Brooklyn Chinatown between the 50’s and 60’s that has some of the best Chinese food around. Stop by Mister Hotpot, Yunnan Flavor Garden, Pacificana, Golden Imperial Palace, or Hong Kong Boy for late night eats. Don’t sleep on Sunset Park! If you demand the most bang for your buck, check out this neighborhood and fall in love with all it has to offer!

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