Strengthen Lengthen Tone is Coming to Brooklyn by Joshua Silbert

There is a lot of expansion taking place for SLT (Strengthen Lengthen Tone), which will have a total of 14 studios in the coming months.  With locations in the New York, New Jersey, and Philadelphia areas, they are making their way to Brooklyn as well by merging with Brooklyn Bodyburn studios within the next few months and opening a space in Park Slope in June 2017.  Wondering what the SLT workout is like? The only way I can explain it, from personal experience, is to try and imagine what would happen if a cardio class had a baby with a Pilates class!

Classes are on a Megaformer machine. I must admit I was intimidated at first, considering a friend who is in great shape likened the machine to a medieval rack. Needless to say, being drawn and quartered was not among my workout goals and I had never taken a Pilates class. After a few minutes, I came to understand the system behind the pulleys and the carriage on wheels. It’s about resistance and, in that way, many may find the workout somewhat familiar.

I had a chance to interview SLT owner, Amanda Freeman, about her plans for growth, the workout, and what one can expect from an SLT class. She informed me that all Brooklyn instructors who had previously worked at Brooklyn BodyBurn would be staying on with SLT. After inquiring why most classes are only 50 minutes when some people believe that a longer class is better. She had this to say;“We believe that slower is better, but not that more is always better. As Brooklyn Bodyburn has always said, ’You don’t need more time, you need more intensity.’ We believe it’s about quality, not quantity.”

Amanda’s plans for SLT do not appear to be slowing down. Philadelphia and Hoboken studios will also open this summer. “Workouts should be efficient, effective, smart, safe and fun,” says Amanda. “That is what SLT packs into 50 minutes.”

With spring in full gear, now is the time to get your body in beach shape!

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