Parenting and Thoughts of a New Career

We know several stay-at-home moms and dads who put their careers on hold to stay home with their little ones.  It’s the hardest job you’ll ever have but super rewarding. Also, daycare can be very expensive and sometimes it makes more financial sense for either the dad or mom to take some time off. As we all know having a child is a major life-changing experience and as they grow, so do you. Going back to your old career or figuring out your next step once you child is school-aged can be tricky. Do you want to continue on the path you were on before you had your child or are you ready for a change? These are questions that many parents ask themselves and many decide to take that fork in the road and try something new.

If you have never thought about real estate as a career option, now might be a good time to start. It’s a good fit for mothers and fathers of young children as you can make your own hours to fit your schedule. Your busy lifestyle continues even after kids go to school. They have extra curricular activities you may need to take them to, events you want to attend and let’s not forget the many sick days, especially when they first start! We’ve had men and women working on our team in different stages of parenting from pregnancy to welcoming their first grandchild! 

Real Estate is very flexible and, unlike going back to college to get a degree, getting your license is inexpensive and quick. It’s certainly not for everyone, you need to be a people person and be able to market yourself, but if you can juggle the demands of having a young child with enough time to read this blog you could probably handle the real estate market. If you are seriously pondering your next move in this ever-changing voyage we call life then you should look into it.

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