Spring Family Scavenger Hunt in the Cemetery

Folks visiting from out-of-town are always surprised to hear that Green-wood Cemetery puts on events. From film screenings to evening parties to family activities, this space is more than a cemetery. It is a place to learn about Brooklyn history and also just a beautiful site that neighboring residents think of as a park at times. Their events are always fun and unique as well. This coming Sunday, in partnership with Park Slope Parents, they are hosting a scavenger hunt that sounds both delightful and educational. Read more below!

Grab your smartphone and see Green-Wood in a whole new way! We are thrilled to launch the “Agents of Discovery” app, which we’ve developed in partnership with the US Forest Service. While we’re pretty sure our founders could not have quite wrapped their heads around this, we know they’d love the way it encourages users to discover Green-Wood’s trees, hills, and glacial ponds. Augmented reality? Check. Point scoring? Check. Kids outdoors discovering nature? Check. Win-win for everyone. Open to families with children of all ages. Ticket price covers the entire family!

Note: A mobile device is required for players to participate in the Agents of Discovery Mission. Before the event, download the Agents of Discovery App, available through Google Play and Apple App Store. Create a personal profile and download the ‘Green-Wood Scavenger Hunt Mission’ on the mission dashboard. No data usage required. Wi-Fi access is not necessary while playing. $15 for members of Green-Wood and BHS / $20 for non-members.

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