Spotlight on the published book of a Red Hook resident.

We just wanted to share this with you all.  A friend and Red Hook resident, Nahisha McCoy, has published a book called “Playing House”.  It’s book 1 of a trilogy and the author’s second published novel.  The synopsis is below.  You can go to Amazon and purchase the book for only $1.99 if you’re interested!

Carey Johnson, a young woman who grew up blaming and hating her mother for making her father violent at every turn, would laugh silently to herself after seeing the effects of her father beating her mother. In her eyes, her father could do no wrong. She felt that her mother got everything she deserved, from the black eyes, broken arms and ribs, to the swollen lips and bruising. She felt her mother deserved to wear the mark of the beast. This was until she got older and met Ralph Harris, a handsome thug, with money, and a serious attitude. After getting into a relationship with Ralph, she began to see how her mother felt, however by the time she understood the dynamics of her parent’s relationship, it was already too late. End the end she started to wonder would she ever survive this relationship or would she just become another statistic, just like her mother.

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