Spotlight on Blossom Ice Cream.

A new(ish) ice cream spot has opened on Court Street in the old Blue Marble space.  It’s called Blossom and it’s not only delicious but also very unique.  If you notice in the pic above the ice cream is rolled up like little wraps.  What happens is you pick your flavor (key lime pie for example) and they pour the cream on a cold slab and mix in the ingredients right in front of you (lime and graham crackers in this case).  Then the cream freezes and they roll it up and put on your toppings, of which you get your unlimited choice.  The verdict is a giant bowl of these little ice cream wraps that taste…well just like delicious homemade ice cream.  The only objection may be the size of the bowl. It’s pretty large and there are no smaller options so don’t visit this place on a full stomach.

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