Spotlight on Boudoir Bar.

Every once in a while  we like to spotlight a local business that is relatively new.  Never has it felt more appropriate to spotlight an establishment as it does with Boudoir Bar on Atlantic.  Why you ask?  The place is literally hidden underground.  At 135 Atlantic Avenue you must down stairs under french restaurant Chez Moi to find the door to Boudoir.  The cocktail bar, which has a Marie Antoinette theme, is gorgeous! It’s cavernous interior exudes decadence. They did an amazing job capturing a mood here.
Now for the actual cocktails! They completely mirror the whole atmosphere and sitting down sipping on a Sorcière, which is Mastiha, Tequila, Aquavit,   Cinnamon, Fresh Lemon (photo above) or a Macravate , made of Armagnac, Aged Rum, Curacao, Orgeat,  Fresh Lime, Almond Crunch Macra (photo below) is truly a special treat! Even the garnishes are creative and thoughtful.  The twig shown above on the Sorcière is meant to portray a witches broom, which is a reference to claims that Marie Antoinette herself was bewitched we assume.  Boudoir does not disappoint and if you are just now learning about the speak easy go an enjoy!
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