Snow Day Activities.

The “Bomb Cyclone” (AKA a blizzard) is hitting Brooklyn as we speak, schools and most offices are closed, and many of us are sitting at home stuck inside all day.  Didn’t this snow day seem to sneak up on us? Just a couple of days ago we heard there would be a few inches on Thursday and yesterday started hearing the more serious talk about strong winds and heavier snow.  Basically it caught us unprepared, which leaves us wondering what to do with our day.  Organizing and cleaning house is probably at the top of the list for some and a great idea if you’ve already been putting it off.  If you have kids and are trying to think of creative activities, here is a great snow day guide via Buzzfeed.  Baking is always a popular way to spend the day in and you’ll have lots of treats to show for it.  Here is a delicious banana bread recipe we’ve tested out. You can add chocolate chips to make it more decadent. While you are indulging you may as well make these chocolate crinkle cookies.  They are amazing! Think of cookies with a crunchy glaze on them and a brownie batter-esque center.  Those will keep you warm during this storm!

If we get enough snow throughout today then Sunday may be your best bet for sledding since tomorrow and Saturday are said to have wind chills below freezing. Here are the five best spots to sled in Brooklyn! Make the most of your day everyone and stay safe and warm!

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