Smorgasburg in Prospect Park!

We’ve been writing a lot about summer events and things we love about these warmer months and Smorgasburg can not go unmentioned.  We ventured out to the location in Prospect Park recently and have to say that it is our favorite spot so far! Plenty of shade and spaces to picnic.  There are different ways of getting there but we entered from Prospect Park SW and walked along Wellhouse Drive then, after grabbing lots of yummy food, headed over to the nearby Nethermead and sat under a tree in the shade.  A perfect day!  Though the picture above looks crowded, we experienced way shorter lines than the other Smorgasburg locations even at the peak hour of 1pm.  It may be a bit of a walk getting in and out of the area but it’s a nice walk and seems to keep the crowds away.  

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