Smith Street Soup Festival and Fundraiser this Saturday.

This year, along with SBLDC, the Smith Street Soup Festival will be hosted by the High School of International Studies and Culinary Arts Program. We love this festival and have blogged about it and visited in the past just because we thought it was a fun and unique way to celebrate Autumn.  This year, however, it’s even more important to spread the word since it’s a fundraiser for a high school program.  More about that below.  This event will take place October 22nd from 1-4pm.  Come on out and eat/drink soup!

In true Bette Stoltz style we are bucking the hype that Smith street’s Restaurant Row is waning. 
By connecting the restaurants to the community through a fundraiser for the Culinary Arts Program we are doing Bette’s work. 
This exercise in community development comes at at time when the program is in desperate need of an upgrade. The state of the arts kitchen needs maintenance an the school has begun to look at ways to incorporate the community into the program as it hopes to expand.
Here is a video we made to promote the Culinary Arts Program: https://youtu.be/u3SJU7LFBgU
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