Photo by Jim Henderson via Wikimedia Commons

Saying Goodbye to the Beloved Kensington Stables.

Over the years if you’ve headed towards Prospect Park from the Kensington or Windsor Terrace areas you may have seen folks riding on horseback towards or from the park.  At the very least you’ve noticed a horse trail with evidence that horses were recently present in the form of manure.  These beautiful animals belong to Kensington Stables at 51 Caton Place, which we recently learned must be torn down because the building is unstable (no pun intended).  They actually declared bankruptcy around a year ago and had the property on the market.  For local residents who were upset to hear that this place had gone under they may be cheered to learn that Councilmember Brad Lander is trying to block all sales that would not keep a stable on site so we may still see people on horseback on their way to Prospect Park.  Read more about this story in the Brooklyn Paper.

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